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  • Ongoing repair services of broadcast equipment and systems for various clients 

  • President of Image North Productions, Inc. (since 1977)

  • Support and training for 20 robotic camera systems

  • Arduino based programming and interfacing for lighting/ tally etc.

  • Software creation for control of robotic cameras 

  • Television technical crew training, with an introduction to computers and digital television techniques

  • Evaluation of broadcast equipment for a major purchase by a large production company 

  • Camera evaluation and repair for broadcasters

  • Writing and production of training materials for Adobe Premiere editing systems, Newtek Tricaster, and Sony Anycast


  • Website design, writing, graphic design. See the Website page for links

  • Consulting on various large broadcast systems for Y2K compliance

  • Created software to facilitate tape-based editing systems

  • CCU2000 software written to control Hitachi broadcast cameras


  • Produce/Edit/Direct: various Industrials and PSA's.... ACICO, Ministry of Natural Resources, U of T Schools, Royal Conservatory of Canada

  • Producer/Editor: "FUTUREVISION SHORTS/THE SHAPE OF RESEARCH", a co-production of Image North, and TVO. 21 x 5 min. Shorts, and 1 x 1 hour program highlighting leading-edge technical research in Ontario for Technology Ontario. Broadcast Jan. /94

  • Host/Producer/Camera/Writer: "WASTE NOT", a co-production of Image North, and TVO. 39 x 30 min. programs on personal waste management. Air Mar. 03/92

  • Host/Writer: "SUCCESSFUL HOME VIDEO" 8 x 30 min. programs on how to work with consumer video equipment. Air TVO June/92, PBS Fall/92


  • Host/Creator/Writer/Camera/All Mechanical Props: "ACME SCHOOL OF STUFF", a co-production of Image North, and TVO. 26 programs x30 min. For Air Sept.88/90. International Distribution

  • Creator/Writer/Camera/Editing: "ACME SHORTS", 25 short documentaries for use as international "Filler" by educational broadcasters. International Distribution

  • On-Camera/Writing/Computer Animation: Industrial clients Texaco, CP Rail, TransCanada Pipelines, Stelco, Flecto, Bell Canada

  • Host, "POWER OF ALGEBRA" for Louisiana Public TV

  • Electronic Design: CityPulse News Computer map of Toronto

  • Electronic Design: various electronic circuitry for Colorization, Inc.


  • Produce/Edit/Direct: various Industrials, Host for Two TVOntario series.. "The Successful Landlord", and "R-2000"


  • Host/Writer/Co-producer. "NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE SHOW", A program on basic science for the family audience. 26x 1/2 hour. International Distribution. A co-production of Image North, and TVO. 1986 Gemini Award

  • Host/Writer: "HOW", 35, 5 minute programs for cable filler in a children's programming slot. (C-Channel)

  • Electronic Design: Prototype 8201- a unique Canadian closed-caption system (failed Government approval)

  • Host: "THE LANDSCAPE OF GEOMETRY", an 8-part series for High-School level broadcast. Air:North America Jan/83. Awards

  • Host/Creator/Writer/Co-producer: "THE HALF-A-HANDY HOUR", a 26 part,1/2 hour series on tools, and how things work. Air:Canada, U.S., and International. A co-production of Image North, and TVO 

  • On-Camera/Consultant/Writer/Animator: "FAST FORWARD", a 26 Part series on the micro-electronic revolution. Production: TVOntario


  • Incorporated "Image North Productions". Design & Construction of Analog Animation System: "Mister Animation" Animations for Fast Forward  Science Alliance Miracle Mart Woolco Capitol Records and various others

  • See the historical website


  • Employed by York University Television. Involved at all levels in hundreds of educational audio-visual productions for most faculties 

  • Teacher and course writer for third-year television course 319